Starting my journey with a Juice

Hi All,

I'm Jack Roberts from The Juice Boxx and this is my first Blog post I have ever done. If you know me writing has never been a strong point but i'm willing to start giving it a bash to talk about juicing and the different "whys" around me starting myself, how its helped me and also wanting to educate more people on the benefits.

I started on the juice buzz about four or so years ago by stumbling upon a great place in the George's arcade called the Juicery and after my first drink I was hooked. Up to recently I struggled with getting the right things on my plate and found myself scratching my head as to why I'm not preforming day to day at 100% with energy, digestion, skin breaking out and many others. Myself like many out there didn't have the best diet around eating fruit or veg and really didn't have any interest introducing them either, this was an issue as growing up I got run down quite easily and would find getting colds and Flu at least once a year. 

One of a few reason why I started juicing everyday is the simple fact that it was the easiest way to get my five a day! Of course there are certain things that we don't like the taste of (Mainly everything green) but I loved the process of combining the likes of Apple & Lemon to something like Celery and getting a great tasting drink that was also full of vitamins and benefited my body in every way. I couldn't recommend more on having a juice everyday as I start mine with an Atomic shot for a blast of steady energy that you don't suddenly crash off (better than an espresso in my eyes) and then I think about how I have been feeling and tailor the juice for the day. Since I started on this journey I have personally gotten rid of my fatigue, have more energy than I have had before and am genuinely a healthier and happier person from it. 

I could honestly talk all day about juicing and hopefully moving forward I will get the opportunity to share my thoughts with you and go through this wonderful journey together. Hopefully each week I'll have something new up touching on different topics like recipes to the journey that got me here and much more.

If you have any questions feel free to drop me and email or contact me on Instagram @thejuice_boxx .

Thank you for reading 


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