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Detox Special

Detox Special

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250ml or 330ml Glass bottle containing Apple, Carrot, Yellow Pepper, Broccoli, Lemon, Celery, Beetroot, Cucumber & Ginger

Taste: The taste is not what you would expect a detox juice to be! All the green veg is hidden perfectly behind the sweetness of the Apple, Lemon  & Yellow Pepper. The balance of the earthy sweetness within the Carrot & Beetroot complete this super juice so one doesn't taste the rest.

Benefits: As I mentioned this is a super juice when it comes to helping the body detox, The Celery helps the body flush out excess acidity in the system & the beetroot is great at cleaning the bloodstream and the lemon will help with cleansing the kidney and liver. This juice is jammed with the right Vitamins to get your body back on the health tracks and perfect for a Monday after a long weekend.

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