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The juice Boxx

The Immune Boxx

The Immune Boxx

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This Boxx will aid your Immune system with fighting off unwanted guests. The Pineapple has an enzyme bromelain that has been seen to have anti-inflammatory properties and also helps with chesty coughs. Ginger is a well-known natural antibiotic & Grapefruit has been known to have powerful Antimicrobial benefits along with being packed with antioxidants. Orange is a huge benefit of Vitamin C & Lemon is super at helping clean out the body of free radicals! The list goes on but when I'm feeling a bit under the weather these are my go-to Juices that get me feeling me again.

The Juices in this Boxx are 250ml or 330ml

  • Green Dream Detox x 2
  • Sweet & Spicy 2.0 x 1
  • The Redy Brek x 1
  • The Norton Antivirus shot 115ml x 2 (Not Suitable for Vegan, contains Honey)
  • Atomic shot 115ml x 2
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