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The Norton Antivirus Shot

The Norton Antivirus Shot

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Not Suitable for Vegan, contains Honey

115ml Glass bottle containing Orange, Lemon, Garlic, Ginger, Cayenne Pepper & Honey

Taste: This a spicy blend that will really get you going. The Orange & Lemon have a lovely sweet citrus blend and the honey slides perfectly in with them... Now for the spice, you will get a kick from the ginger Garlic & Cayenne but all together they work wonderfully. This is a family & friends favourite!

Benefits: Hugely beneficial for keeping the immune system working. The spicy aspect of this juice gets the metabolism up and running along with Ginger being a well known natural Antibiotic. The high level of Vitamin C and antibacterial properties in the Garlic makes this juice a serious contender against illness with Lemon cleaning through the rest.

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